Lizzie Lexington – Blue Mars Adventurer!

Lizzie Goes Back to Blue Mars

Posted in Uncategorized by Lizzie Lexington on December 15, 2009

So yeah I have been hanging in Blue Mars the past week and even though it’s still pretty quiet, I am getting attached to this new world. I have been running into old friends and making some new friends as well, YAY. The bots have appeared to have left the welcome area, much to my chagrin but it does give the visitors a better chance to interact peacefully, ha. I went back to Blue Mars today and ran into an old SL acquaintance from the electronic clubs – what a small world LOL. Alpha Klata is doing some development for GridRock City along with my fellow Blue Mars blogger Zetsumei Ieyashi. Along with perfecting the Blue Mars Crazy Eye Look , LOL, he has quite a few experimental projects completed as well. Check out his blog Alpha Klata – MarsDev to see what he’s got a brewin!

And of course no virtual world would be complete without a few Negative Nancy’s to add color to the landscape, ha. This dude, Arah Something, logged in and instantly went on a bitch frenzy. “What’s up with the controls”, “Why can’t they do this”, “Why can’t they do that”, “A turd on a nice Engine is still a turd,” – blah, blah, blah, blah. He ended his visit after 10 minutes of his bitch fest by saying “I’ll be back in 6 months to see if it’s any better.” Okay, Arah and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, ha.

And speaking of dudes, I would have to say most of the peeps I have met have been men. Oh ladies there is a new crop virtual penor ripe for the picking over in Blue Mars…you may want to think about joining up, LOL. Okay well that’s it for today folks and in the meantime, take care my friends and have great blue mars/second life!


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