Lizzie Lexington – Blue Mars Adventurer!

Lizzie In Blue Mars – New Venice and FLYING, woot woot!

Posted in Uncategorized by Lizzie Lexington on December 15, 2009

Okay folks excitement ahead, let me tell ya LOL. So I went back to Blue Mars to do some more exploring the other day. They have about four or so active sims currently and one of these is called New Venice and the thing that got Lizzie’s attention regarding New Venice is that there you can FLY! YAY! So I figured I should check out New Venice and take some snappity snaps of my time there to share with you, all my bloggity blog friends. So let’s take a look at my day at New Venice, shall we?

Here my friends is the entrance to New Venice – all sorts of oohs and ahhs right? Well hold on to your hats folks, it get’s better because in New Venice you can run around………..

UNDERWATER, YAY!!!!!!!!! So I ran around underwater seemingly forever until I came across this…….

Some sort of CRAZY underwater building thing, YAY!!!!!!!!! But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to get into the building and still didn’t know how to fly. So I went back to the Welcome Area in search of SOMEONE to teach me how to fly!

So at the Welcome Area I ran into my new friend Dude Starship (no pics of “The Dude”, sorry) who took me back to New Venice. And guess what? Dude taught me how to fly but then he logged out so I couldn’t tell him where I flew too, LOL. Oh well that happens in the virtual world – you make a friend, they log out FOREVER or they delete you and that’s the end of the friendship. Sad but true, LOL. Anyway that’s it for Lizzie today in Blue Mars so take care my friends and have great Second/Blue Mars Life!


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