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Lizzie in Blue Mars

Posted in Uncategorized by Lizzie Lexington on December 15, 2009

Lizzie is exploring new territory my friends – the wonderful, wonderful world of Blue Mars, YAY. I have been an active member of Second Life for over three years now and I actually have a pretty active blog there as well called The Virtual Adventures of Lizzie. I joined Blue Mars in September but found my video card was not up to par. So After upgrading my video card recently I have been spending more time there – chatting, exploring, jumping on the forums, etc etc. And I see some potential there I really do. As of yet there is no economy, so no shopping but hopefully that will change soon. So as a change of pace I thought I would share some pictures I took tonight of Lizzie in Blue Mars, YAY!

“Players” as opposed to “Developers” log into a central location with quite a few greeting bots. After hanging for a few I began to see that the bots had these crazy behaviors when a “new player” logged in for the first time – they would surround the new player like they were about to take part in some sort of feeding frenzy, LOL. After seeing this a few times, my new friend “miser” and I would yell “ATTACK OF THE BOTS”! It was quite humorous actually.

This is our new friend “LexyAngel”. Unfortunately she didn’t have much to say but she had on a smashing bikini! Lexy and I bonded over the lack of words and we will be life long friends I am sure!

I really liked Lexy’s sexy bikini so I thought I would try one on for myself! Am I hot or what, LOL. So yeah the sandals are bit eek but hopefully the footwear situation will change soon, ha. Okay that’s it for Lizzie’s adventure in Blue Mars this evening. Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing more pics of blue mars – that is until the feed owners say ENOUGH or WE ARE KICKING YOU OFF AGAIN, ha. So take care my friends and have a great second/blue mars life!


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  1. sarah said, on February 5, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    not cool at all

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